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"Life is like a kaleidoscope . . .  which is many pieces coming together to form a grand picture in vivid Technicolor.  To change the view, you need only to turn the kaleidoscope and another wonderful, yet colorful image appears.  We have the ability to  . . . design a spectacular life! "   Marty Segelke

This web site is a kaleidoscope of ideas for you to consider.  Perhaps you would like to subscribe to our free biweekly-ezine KaleidoscopeLiving©! You'll receive practical and timely tips for designing symmetry and balance with a few quotes and humor on the challenges of every day life.

Why not take in some Classes, such as Writing the Stories the Kaleidoscope Journal Way which is a proven mode of organizing your collection of family stories and memorabilia. . . . read more  and  Designing your Environments to Boogie Down Life's Path Maybe you would like a coach or co-strategist to help you make a particular change or accomplish a goal, secret wish or desire! . . .read more.

The Kaleidoscope of Life coaching is about you, your uniqueness and talents that can be tapped and expanded. Age matters not! By eliminating drains, thereby freeing up valuable time and resources, you gain the energy and vitality to do the things you really want to do when you want to do them.  . . . read more


SPEAKING: I enjoy speaking to groups of all ages and can tailor  my talk to your needs.
  • Do Those Family Stories Now – a proven method to create a family legacy! 
  • Aging isn’t for Sissies and comes at such an inconvenient time!
  • How to Boogie down Life’s Path…even though you have a catch in your get along!

Kaleidoscope Living © Articles.  New articles published each month!

Some Brain Matters One of the most interesting newsletters I receive is called Brain Work – the Neuroscience Newsletter. Chris, a reader, told me about this and I have enjoyed every issue. Since my college degree is in psychology, this plays to my desire to understand all the nuances of how we think, behave and develop. The January/February 2006 edition had two articles I want to highlight.  . . . read more

Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do :
 Believe in yourself!  Fear can raise its ugly head when we try something new. Can we really do it? Will we succeed? Is this the right thing to do? What will people think? Other well meaning people can hold us back and put doubts in our mind. Then our monkey mind –the one of our own creation- keeps the thought in tact. Here are a few stories of those who realized a dream. . . .read more


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